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Civil Surgeon (INS, DOT, CIS, and i-693 immigration exams)

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, at the Framingham Doctor Walk In Medical Clinic, is a Civil Surgeon as designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Our practice performs INS, DOT, CIS, and i-693 immigration exams that are required for US Citizenship, Greencard, and Naturalization.  Please call to setup an appointment for your INS exam here.

Physical exams are performed according to the CDC’s Technical Instructions for the Medical Examination of Aliens in the United States. The process takes approximately 30 minutes patient will return in 48 to 72 hours for results of Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) and collect completed papers in sealed envelope. If a Chest x-ray is needed due to a positive TST, it can be done in office and papers completed on the same day.

Patients can also receive any vaccinations that are needed or required by USCIS guidelines.

What vaccines do I need?
Most adults only need MMR (measles mumps & rubella) and Tetanus. If the patient was born before 1957 then only Tetanus would be required If valid records are not available.

What kind of physical is required?
It is a general physical exam, to check your Heart, your lungs, your blood pressure, past medical history, and review your immunization record.

Can I fail the Exam?
No, you can’t fail the exam. It is to make sure you are healthy or if you have any pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure or Diabetes that you are being treated by a Doctor.

How long is the physical valid?
The physical exam is valid for 1 year, if the application is not submitted within 1 year from the date of exam it must be redone. The vaccine’s would not need to be redone.

Is this covered under my Health Insurance?
No it is not covered by insurance the exam is for the purpose of obtaining a green card, and not done for health purposes. Insurance companies consider this a third party reason and will not cover.

What do I need to bring with me?
You need to bring your passport or other form of identification, any immunization records you have. We have the the I-693 forms in the office for you to complete.

Do I mail the forms to immigration or does Dr Sharma?
The patient will be given the original papers in a sealed envelope that they will send to immigration themselves or through their Lawyer. The envelope is sealed and can only be opened by immigration, if opened by someone else the application will not be valid.

How soon can I get an appointment?
Appointments are usually available the same day. The office is also open 2 Saturdays per month.

Please call to setup an appointment for your US Citizenship and Naturalization DOT, CIS or i-693 exam today!

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